Friday, February 26, 2010

A Breath of New

A breath of new is what I am going to do. I went through about 100 plus entries and deleted them all. No worries, I saved them almost every single one in a safe folder. I have not a clue if I want to keep this blog and if I do what I want to share with the world. Though I know, whatever I put out, whatever kind of energy I put out, I get it back 10 folds.

Please check out another blog I started up. I hope I can hold myself to only posting pictures I photograph on this new journal.

I thought it would be meaningful to keep my first two entries. My Australia study abroad trip three years ago, O DAMN!, started the flood of thought that needed to be defined. I have not stopped since, but maybe sometimes not every detail needs to have a closer look.

Starting my breath of new on this snowy day in February.

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